Who we are.

We are a small familiar Enterprise, with over 60 years of history and three generations dedicated to manufacturer, designing and sharpening hand knives, also all kind of industrial blades.

Our philosophy since our beginning has been seated in 5 pillars, clear and defined:

TRADITION: since 1.946, the enterprise never has never ceased to be owned by the family Gómez and as their values, as the know-how of them Ithas remained unchanged.

QUALITY: in all our manufactured products by us, also with all commercial brands distributed, by us, realized an exhaustive Quality Control.

SERVICE: in the food sector, the personalized attention and the agility en the delivery time is a basic value and It is a golden rule for us.

COMPROMISE: we like considerer one Dpto. More in your enterprise and for this the compromise with our clients, is something long-lived in the time. The problems form our clients became in our problems.